How to Know Baby Gender Without Ultrasound

Every pregnant woman wonder the gender of their baby. An ultrasound is a modern and reliable ways to find out baby gender between 18-22 weeks. However, some mothers are too eager to know the baby gender and they  can’t wait till the ultrasound in hospital. How to find out baby gender without ultrasound? There are several natural ways to help you predict baby gender before ultrasound. So let’s take a look at them.

how to know baby gender without ultrasound

How to Know Baby Gender During Pregnancy Without Ultrasound?

CVS(chorionic villus sampling)

If you want to find out baby gender earlier, you can use the method of CVS. This is the most accurate test with result close to 100% accurate, check this post here. However, the risk is higher. You can do this test during 8-10 weeks. Before you intent to do CVS, you need to answer some questions the doctor asked including family history of birth defects to make sure you can do this test. As I told, this test is higher risk than ultrasound, the decision is yours.


Amniocentesis is a prenatal test in which a small amount of amniotic fluid is removed from the sac surrounding the fetus for testing. Amniocentesis is usually made between the 15th and 18th week of pregnancy. This test can also predict the baby gender for accurate result. Besides, amniocentesis can also find out if the baby carrying certain types of birth defects, such as Down syndrome, a chromosomal abnormality. Like CVS, amniocentesis is a newly 100% accurate way to find out baby gender. Note: There are small risk of this test, the rate is between 0.25%-0.5%, and it may injure the mother or baby. Take it or not, it’s all your mind.

Other than CVS and Amniocentesis, there are some fun ways to guess baby gender. It is not 100% accurate and not event scientific. But many people believe they work. For me, I don’t against them, because the science has its limit. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to do below test. If you wonder when can you know baby gender, you can also have a look at this related article on when can you find out baby gender.

Morning Sickness

It is believed that morning sickness is a sign of a girl. If you were suffering morning sickness in the first 3 months, there are very high chance that you are carrying a girl. On the contrary, if you didn’t experience morning sickness, you probably have a boy.

Baby Heart Rate

Another way to find out baby gender is the baby heart rate. If the heart rate of your baby is over 140, you are carrying a girl. If your baby’s heart rate is between 120-140, you are having a boy! This is not a 100 accurate way to predict the baby gender, but you can combine this with morning sickness to get a general idea.

The Chinese birth Calendar

The Chinese birth calendar is an ancient methods to predict baby gender and works(maybe) on predicting baby gender. Google it and you will find out how to do this test.

Sweet Tooth

If you are craving for candies, chocolate and ice cream, most likely, you are having a girl now. Girls love sweet and they are made of sugar and everything nice. If you like salty eating, you could have a little princess inside you.

How Do You Walk

Do you walk with left foot first? Or do you walk with your right? If you step with your right foot first, it is much more likely that you are carrying a baby boy. Otherwise, you are having a baby girl if you start with your left foot.

Bump Position

One of the easy way to predict baby gender is the bump position. If your bump is high, you are having a pink lady. Otherwise, you are having a baby boy.

Mother’s steps

This one says that if the mum’s best foot forward when walking is always right it will be a boy, And that if she puts left food first then it will be a girl.

Sprinkling salt

This puts that if the mother wants to know the sex of the baby then you wait till she is a sleep then sprinkle some salt on her forehead. When she wakes up look out for the first name she mentions. If a woman’s then the baby will be a girl and if man’s then the baby will be a boy.

how to find out baby gender

It should be noted that some methods to help you to find out baby gender is not so scientific. Others like CVS or Amniocentesis are more reliable. Since you don’t lost anything to predict your baby gender with some methods, so why not have fun guessing!  By the way, you can also learn how to know baby gender WITH ultrasound in this article.

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