How to Find Gender of a Baby During Pregnancy Naturally

Blame it on curiosity or just a burning desire to make everything right before the arrival of the special one, 50-70% of pregnant mothers try to find out the sex of baby before birth. It seems it’s hard to just wait for the big surprise on their birth date.

While there are plenty of scientific ways of finding out the sex of the baby and are readily available, many mothers or mothers to be choose to use natural ways to find out whether it’s a baby boy or girl. This is due to the uncomfortable procedure that one is exposed to during the process. Ultrasound for example, requires that the mother undresses and exposes all her tummy and a cold jelly like fluid is smeared on it before a blinking torch like electrical equipment tours the tummy all round. Others it might be due to cultural restrictions. So they renounce it.

Find Gender of a Baby During Pregnancy Naturally

Natural ways of finding the gender of a baby during pregnancy varies from community to community. While others are random guesses, there are 100% accurate ones that work without any scientific explanation to back them up. Below are some of the ways to determine child’s gender at home.

Most Accurate Methods (More Than 50%Chance):

The cabbage test

You look for the red or is it purple? Cabbage and buy it. Once at home, chop it up into large chunks and boil it in water for 10 minutes. Then head to the bathroom and pee into a clean cup. Mix the one cup of pee with one cup of cabbage water that was boiling. There will be a color change. If the mixture changes pink or red, then it is a boy. If it changes purple then it’s a girl.

Baking soda test

Buy baking soda and take a spoonful of it and mix with a cup of your pee. If there are noticeable fixes, then it’s a boy. If there is no reaction then it must be a girl.

The ring test

This is an ancient one that has proved 90% correct according to a survey on pregnant mothers who used the method. The mum takes a ring (preferably golden) and ties it with a string. Then assisted by someone else, let’s say a father of the unborn child, holds it perpendicular to the belly. If it starts moving back and forth then it’s a boy. If it moves in a circular manner then it’s a girl.

Conscious mom

It has been discovered that moms’ have special attachment or bonding with the unborn child such that they can easily feel their gender before birth. It takes therefore that you ask the mum. The gender she proposes is correct. Fortunately, 71% of the women asked are always right.

Less Accurate Methods (50/50 % Chance):

Morning sickness

There are most that say if you had no morning sickness during the first trimester then it’s a boy. But if o the other hand you had persistent ones then its probably a girl. Few women state actually the opposite. That presence of morning sickness gave them a girl and those that never experienced had a girl. Anyhow, it still predicts right?


There are those that claim that if you have frequent headaches then it is a boy. While having no headaches or once in a while signifies that it’s a baby girl. This is throughout the pregnancy period.

Food preference

Others determine the sex of the child by the choice of food they like during the pregnancy period. They say if a mother likes salty or sour food then the baby is a boy. This goes with particular liking to protein food like meat, liver or cheese. But then if the mum likes sweet or sugary foods like fruits, chocolates and cakes, then it’s most probably a girl.

Heart rate

This can be taken by sitting upright and counting your heart rate per minute. So you time yourself with a clock watch and count how many beats you had by the time the one minute elapsed. If it was more than 140 then it’s a girl. If it was less than 140 then it’s a boy.

Urine color

There is a significant relation between urine color and baby’s gender. It has not been proved yet but seems to work. That when the mother’s urine is bright yellow then it is a boy but if the urine is dull yellows then it must be a girl.

baby sleeping

Weight appropriation

Some say that if the weight added by the mother is largely concentrated on belly then it’s a boy but if she has added plenty amount on the hips then probably it is a girl.

Position of the belly

It has been claimed that those mothers who carry their belly high are likely to give birth to baby girls while those that carry them low are likely to give birth to baby boys.

Fork or spoon under the chair

This method requires that you place on two chairs a fork and a spoon then cover them. When the mother comes to sit down, check if she chose the spoon or the fork chair. If the spoon then it’s a girl but if it’s the fork then it’s a boy.

find out baby gender


And finally, one too on daddies; A survey carried on 100 men found out that those fathers to be who added weight during the mothers pregnancy would most likely result in a baby girl but if the daddy’s weight is constant orb added a little, then it will be a baby boy.

So there you go! Implement the one you feel will serve you right; or better, combine them for more accurate results.

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