Best Foods to Choose Sex of Baby !

Do you know that the PH level in the woman’s vaginal surrounding can greatly influence the result to choose sex of baby? Yes, in fact, you must learn how to adjust the level to more acidic or alkaline for conceiving a girl or boy. In today’s article, I will discuss more on what you should eat to choose sex of a baby correctly.

First of all, let us look at the basics of how a woman can get a girl or boy. The men are the group to release the sperms. And do you know that the type of sperm to fertilize the egg will overall determine whether you will choose sex of baby boy or girl? In fact, the sperms are divided into two different forms – X sperm and the Y sperm.

The characteristics of the sperms are different too. The Y boy sperms are smaller in their size, and they can swim very fast. However, they are much weaker and shorter lived if you put them in an acidic environment. The X girl sperms are bigger size, and they swim much slower. But the good news is that they are stronger and can survive longer even in a harsh environment. We shall take advantage of their characteristic differences to choose sex of baby.

How to conceive a baby girl eating acidifying foods? A woman should maintain a low PH level (less than 7) of acidic condition in the vagina if she is trying to choose sex of baby girl. This is because the Y sperms are much weaker to survive long enough in such a hostile environment. Thus, many of them will die off easily. This gives much higher chances for the X sperms to swim to the egg.

Below are examples of 10 common acidifying foods that you can consume to conceive a girl:

1) Winter Squash
2) Blueberries
3) Cranberries
4) Corn
5) Barley
6) Oatmeal
7) Black Beans
8.) Red Beans
9) Butter
10) Cashews

How to conceive a baby boy eating alkalizing foods? A higher PH level (more than 7) of an alkaline condition is more suitable for couples trying to choose sex of baby boy. This kind of environment is much more friendly to the Y boy sperms. Thus, this will allows many of them to survive through the vagina surrounding to reach the egg.

Below are examples of 10 common alkalizing foods that you can consume to conceive a baby boy:

1) Carrot
2) Dulce
3) Eggplant
4) Daikon
5) Reishi
6) Apple
7) Blackberries
8.) Almonds
9) Ginger
10) Mustard

One last thing on baby gender selection is to know how to test your vaginal’s PH range. There are many different methods that you can choose for testing the level. Well, you can simply purchase a vaginal PH test kit from the health store or supermarket. Those kits have been scientific tested and accurate enough to detect the present PH level.

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  1. Linda on August 19th, 2009

    Clean lists! Thanks.

    Let me add a few more of the alkaline vegetables:
    1) Barley Grass
    2) Garlic
    3) Onions

    Acidic vegetables:
    1) Lentils
    2) Olives



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