Baby Gender Selection – Best Sexual Position for Baby Boy

If you are looking for a good baby gender selection method, see what I have today! There are a lot of different new fertility and conception ways that you can choose using today’s technology. You can be a worry parent few years ago but not anymore as the new medical advancement have allowed the couples to pay lesser for their baby gender selection operations. Frankly speaking, it is not as cheap also. For example, the price of a biopsy method plus the fertilization will simply cost around $5,000 to $10,000.

Do keep in mind that you also need to keep a certain amount of cash aside to raise the child, after you successfully conceive using the baby gender selection method. Many parents have asked around for cheaper yet effective methods to conceive a boy or girl. In fact, there is a method that is all natural and can be done at the privacy of your home. And once you learnt the correct ways, you will find them to be very easily apply on yourself. Many couples have been practicing them and this baby gender selection method had received many great testimonials from the mommy and daddy. Today, we are going to discuss about using the correct sexual position to conceive with a boy baby:

Many people believe that different sexual positions will affect the results of the baby gender selection. However, not everyone can really understand the concepts behind it. Let us look at the basic formula of correct sexual positions in this article. Having a boy or girl is not by luck, and it is greatly depending on the type of sperm chromosome (Y-boy, X-girl) that reaches and enters to fertilize the eggs. When sperms are released, both X and Y chromosome will swim towards the eggs. X sperms swim slower but have a stronger life span. Where else, Y sperms swim the fastest and can reach the eggs at the earlier time. And once we know the different characteristics of the sperms type, we can try to control and let the Y sperm to reach the eggs at higher chances. As the Y sperm is very weak and can die off easily, we must practice the correct sexual position to help the Y sperm to survive longer to reach the egg.

The best known method is to let the women lying on her stomach and with knees in a sitting position. Well, you can also let the woman to position in sitting up with knees bent on the bed or on the floor. The guy will then release the sperms at the rear entry. These two baby gender selection positions will help to place the sperms as near to the cervix as possible, thus higher chance for the Y sperms to survive. In addition, you can improve the effectiveness by using a pillow to raise your pelvis which will give a deeper penetration.

Predicting sex of baby by chances is the least way you should think of. In fact, the chances of having a baby boy is higher if you can know the exact days where your ovulation starts. Once you found out, you should start having sexual intercourse on the day or of the day after the ovulation. The best way to know the exact days of ovulation is to purchase a good ovulation predictor.

However, applying the correct sexual position is only part of the success formula. You also need to control and alkalize your body and vagina. As you know, Y sperms are weaker and cannot survive long enough in a high PH and very acidity condition. You can use a PH test strip to test for your PH level on that day. You can also go on low acid diet food or douching in order to get the best effective baby gender selection results to conceive a baby boy.

To achieve the optimum output on the ideal baby gender selection, the couples must really do some read up and planning in advance. If you are interested, you may like to read up this popular How to Choose The Gender of Your Baby book here.

Hope my article today does help all the couples in some ways.

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  2. Syn on August 19th, 2009

    Hi, what if I have sex right after the ovulation date. Will I increase the chance to have a baby boy? For example, I have intercourse on 20th, and I have intercourse on the 21th. What will be the outcome? Please advise me, I really need some answer.


    Shannon Courtney Reply:

    Hi Syn, the ideal time to get pregnant is when you have intercourse within the first 24 hours after the egg is released. The egg will start to disintegrate after this time frame.

    Do not worry too much! In fact, your chances to have a boy is high.


  3. Kil on August 18th, 2009

    True – the cost of going to the baby gender clinic is very expensive! I like your recommended intercourse position. Thank you.


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